Convos with the Crazy Macaron Lady

Let's Talk Pricing


We've all been there, right? ⁣You've whipped up a sellable culinary masterpiece, and suddenly the panic sets in – "Shit, how do I put a price on this?" The struggle is oh-so-real.

🕵️ Comparisons Can Be Deceiving:
Admit it, we all do it – Google. The temptation to peek at what others are charging is real. Cake advice pages can be a maze of numbers, right? But beware, my friends, for this path may lead to undervaluing your sweet creations. You're worth more than a middle-ground guess.

⏰ Time is the Unsung Hero:
Here's a truth bomb – your time is precious. In the beginning, it's easy to think, "I do this for fun!" But let's break that cycle. What's your time worth per hour? Spoiler alert: It's more than you think.

👩‍🍳 Friendly Competition? Bring It On:
Someone cheaper on the baking block? No sweat! I welcome them with open oven mitts. This world of baking small businesses is wild, crazy, and oh-so-magical when you support each other.

💖 Sprinkle Kindness, Not Shade:
This one still gets me sometimes. "She's too expensive!" But before you shout it from the rooftops, understand the costs, the knowledge, and the expertise baked into every creation. If you can do it yourself, awesome! But don't be a rude about it, let's spread kindness like sprinkles not judgment.

💸 Break It Down, Crazy Macaron Style:
Swipe right for a glimpse into my own costings revealing the true cost of every sprinkle and every piping bag.